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The first issues in the game.

One of the issues with the main game- the first game- was that it had a lot of trial and error to it you had to memorize with the enemies were going to come from, so yeah to play levels a few times before you could expect for their can be. Some ends up being kind of a memorization game. You have to remember what you learned on the last run that you have lost and each time you run the level you go to get a little bit further until you beat the level. Your strategy built up over time, and eventually you would when.

Galaxy has a lot of the same kind of feel to it. There’s a lot of repetition and there’s a lot of grind but you get to build up your weapons at the same time. The end result and that being that you’ll have to replace him levels to get the resources that you need in order upgrade. This can have a pro and con effect on the overall gameplay for this game.

It’s kind of nice that there isn’t just one strategy needed to beat the level.

You’re just sitting there replaying the same thing again again again to you.. You can choose between different routes if you’re stuck on one. They have to sit there and play the same level again again again, you can switch to a different level see if you can answer more resources and get some upgrades. That grind and the increasing your ability kind of like in an RPG. That kind of experience point that you gain each time makes it feel like you’re actually gaining experience in the game itself.

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The problem with this is that the game can get repetitive, but is there a way around that?

Just like the first game, everything revolves around your ship. You start with hexagons on your ship that are basically empty slots they can use to fill whatever way you see fit. You load in your cargo and your weapons placing them strategically on the ship in order to help you in the level.

The original game needed a pause button, that was 70 lacking, to give you enough time to place your towers effectively. This game skips that as well. There is no pause button, and the game could really benefit from one. It really is a mystery why the developer didn’t put in a pause button. I mean, look at it this way. If you’re the type of player that didn’t need it, you just wouldn’t use it. And if you did need it, you it would be there for you. Some people just need more time to place the towers correctly.

Resources are  handled a bit differently in this game.

In the original space run, he had to use your resources to research new towers. If you research the towers you can also get upgrades for them as well. The new game you don’t have to buy upgrades in the same way. You only have to buy the towers themselves, and you can only use what you abide in the level that you’re on.

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