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iphone 11 gaming and specs

Apple in recent years has taken heat because every time there is the recent version of the iPhone, it seems the Apple aura of innovation is dissipated. But, even though the iPhone cosmetic aura is gone, the software and hardware aura is larger than ever. Apple is leading the world in phone cpu performance and graphics, and iOS is still iOS when it comes to software. In this review, we go over the best iOS gaming mobile device, and maybe the best gaming mobile device overall? Let’s look at the features of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max:



  • Screen
  • The 6.5 inch OLED Super Retina XDR display is a beast, it sports 2688-by-1242 pixel resolution at 448 ppi. It’s a full HDR display and features multi-touch also, which is essential to even be listed as a top gaming phone. With the HDR the maximum brightness can reach 1200 nits max, which is one of the highest we have seen. There is also a fingerprint resistant layer on the screen, with some of the best Gorilla glass protecting it. Because if you’re like me, you don’t want a screen protector on your screen while trying to play some VainGlory.
  • Performance
  • Now, there are two pieces that make the iPhone such a dominant force in the smartphone industry. The processors they make are just dominant. Which, after Apple’s recent announcements about moving from Intel to ARM based Apple processor’s on all it’s Mac’s sent waves across the tech industry. This isn’t surprising given the results of recent iPhone’s and iPad’s using the Bionic processors they make.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with the newest A13 Bionic Processor, 4GB RAM, and iOS. Now this doesn’t sound like much, especially compared to its counterparts with their 8GB and 12GB of RAM. But the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in most 2018/2019 Android flagships was 25% slower in bench-marking test. That alone highlights how impressive the Apple Bionic processor is.
  • The optimization inside Apple iPhone is the king for all mobile phones. What Apple does with 4GB of RAM is what most Android’s do with 8GB of RAM. It always amazing witnessing the snappy response rates and memory usage you can get out of the iPhone 4GB. Almost never will you need to worry about the RAM, especially if you are using highly optimized apps.
  • App Store
  • Not too long ago, one of the downfall’s of the Apple ecosystem was the limited app store selection, especially inside the gaming sphere. As Apple does, they answered that question in a very Apple way. They created the Apple Arcade, which cost 4.99/mo and you can receive a free trial if you never signed up for it. Why does the controlled Apple Arcade ecosystem make this list for best gaming iOS gaming device?
  • Well, the games are on the Arcade come optimized perfectly for iOS, which makes them run amazing on almost any iOS device. They also are all premium games, not one of them feel as if they rushed or had minor effort put into them. Plus, if you’re around my age. Apple partnered with many game companies like Sega, Bandai Namco, and Konami.
  • iOS
  • There isn’t a conversation about iPhone, without iOS. There isn’t really a conversation about Apple without iOS involved. If you’re not a fan of iOS or the Apple ecosystem, then good for you to making it to this point. But if you don’t have a preference and just want the best gaming experience. Apple iOS gives you that for all the reasons listed above. iOS gives you the top line optimization, content updates, proper customer service on-call, and longevity in a world of constant upgrades. For these reasons alone, iOS is a selling point by itself.


If you are in the market for the best iOS mobile gaming device, the iPhone 11 Pro Max takes the cake. It will cost a premium and rarely goes on sale. But you can do Apple upgrade program and get AppleCare included (at cost), the benefit is that after the equivalent of 12 monthly payments you can upgrade to another iPhone by just trading your current one in. As we expect the iPhone line to keep getting better for gaming given Apple Arcade and the Bionic processor line.

The iPhone since 2007 has led the way for smartphones around the world. In 2020, that mantle is no longer held by iPhone, it’s held by no one. There is a phone for each individual specification that could be arguably the best, but Apple is the best at the two most important for gaming. Software and processing power, and with other flagship gaming devices costing just as much, if not more. Apple no longer is a premium cost compared to the market. Thus, making it the best iOS mobile gaming device, if not the best mobile gaming device money can buy in 2020.