Dark Moon Events | Dota 2

dark moon mobile gaming

There is nothing exciting and satisfying than to watch all your towers and heroes defeat all those rampaging monsters that are out to get your base. This type of game one of the most common types of games and it is really engaging because you need to think of a proper landscape of towers depending on their effects. If they can slow, then don’t put them in front of the wave. It will be better if a tower that has splash damage is in front, so that it can deal a lot of damage to the wave itself.


There are some tower defenses that have playable characters in it. The one that I played when I was a kid, was an event in Dota 2 and it is called A Dark Moon Event and it became my favorite tower defense game ever. For me, this is one of the most engaging tower defenses there is. Not only you can play your favorite heroes in Dota 2, it also gives the type of excitement that you are looking for in a tower defense game. The monsters are well thought of, they can’t be easily killed not unless a great strategy with your team is taught out well. It is actually pretty fun! If you played the game, and sadly you didn’t win. There is still a high chance that you will get a random cosmetic skin of a random hero.


The monsters in the game are quite strong, your in game character will melt with a single wave especially when you hit wave 4. However, a great thing about this tower defense event is that you can revive a team mate by just clicking on them. If you’re in a sweet spot, then you can get away with reviving a team mate to let them help again. You can also buff up your in game character with a set of items that you can buy if you have the gold for it. Buying items in this type of games is crucial, for it will set up the tempo of the game, the wave clear and survivability.


The monsters here is not like the ones in every tower defense game, where they just walk straight and hope for the best. In the dark moon event, monsters will literally target the hero first before the tower. If the hero is in close range, they will run at you and that is the fun part. They will ignore towers, and just focus on you.


There are a lot of people that take tower defenses for granted. For me, personally, I think tower defense games is one of the greatest genres out there. Just like any other game, it will trigger your brain to set out a plan to win. It is not that competitive, but it is not boring as well. If you’re just looking for a good game to relax on and still be engaged with it. A tower defense game will literally make you stand up, especially when you finally beat the game at the highest level.