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If you’ve ever played Space Run than you know that that TD game is a lot of fun.

Guess what? The sequel’s now here. I used to play the original Space Run all the time, and I’m a huge fan of other games that are a lot like it like Defense Grid. The something about 3-D tower defense or 3-D strategy games that really get to me. But is this just new levels to the original Space Run? Are what they have done actually adding to the gameplay? Why it’s good news because there are a lot of new ideas in this got game and the old elements that worked really well also  show up again here. It ends up being one of the best tower defense games out there.

In the weird plot that was the original Space Run, you play as a space trucker that has to haul cargo around and defended it as he does so. You’re hired by clients a transport stuff from one place to another., Of course, space is a very dangerous place where people try and steal from you. Yes put towers around your cargo, on your ship itself, to shoot at asteroids and to shoot at those who would relieve you of your cargo. Each time you do this, you of course get to add additional towers to ship. The goal is to get your cargo to where it’s going. There are time limits, and thereare bonuses for getting things done more quickly.

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Space Run Galaxy takes place 20 years later.

It’s still the same business, with some of the sill same dangers. Not only Pirates this time, but there are aliens as well. Some of the missions are a little bit different, but at the end of the day you still have to load your cargo and get where you need to go. Most sequels would just make a few changes, and then the rest would just be new levels. This game doesn’t drastically change gameplay but it does make it a lot more immersive, so they are not just adding levels.

The mission structures and strategies are little bit different.

In the original you just pick the mission and played through it. You can upgrade your ship, but he can only do it between missions. At the end of the day, the system is just a bunch of levels to complete. Galaxy does things a little bit different. The organizations that you pick to choose missions from are the same as in the first game. There’s a little bit more strategy to it though. You have to take what kind of cargo goes to what planet. You have  to decide whether or not to carry a large amount of cargo at a time, or to do multiple runs from planet to planet. So there’s a lot of strategy to it that wasn’t there before. There also story missions that open up new areas. There also side missions that allied upgrade your ship even more, and each time you run a certain route between planets it all will still have a similar enemy layout.


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