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Introduction to Minecraft for the iOS game store

According to polls, Minecraft could be one of the most exclusive and popular games ever developed for iOS. However, I have found out there are some good things and bad things about the android game.

You ask any parent, they will tell you, they like anything that encourages their kid’s creativity. However, there is one bad thing that I am finding parents encourage players to stay away from.

Let’s take a look at the list for Minecraft, shall we?

1) As I said above, parents do rave about how it encourages a child’s creative process.

Everything in Minecraft is made from blocks. Do you remember when you helped your kids play with building blocks? Minecraft is going to take you back to that time, at least a little bit, anyway.

Do you remember when your kid played with robots? This game also takes you back to that time too. The game also includes that too. Yeah, there is one good thing about the game, so far.

2) It does teach players real-world skills(no, I am serious here).

Kids learn cost-benefit analysis resource learning trying to decide whether to upgrade or keep moving on. They also learn it when trying to determine whether to save or spend. There are budgeting and financial elements in the game, so that is good.

Kids also learn patience with the game. A lot of people are very impatient in this world(especially right now). Kids learn how to exercise patience, especially when it comes to instant gratification.

Instant gratification is not an option with this game. That is one of the things that parents like about this game. It teaches them to slow down and think before they act.

3) You can play anywhere you want. Kids can take this game on the road.

That is going to make parents very happy. That way kids are too preoccupied with the game to ask, “are we there, yet”?

That means you can get your kid some inexpensive or second-hand device for the game.

4) It is very kid-friendly. Some iOS games are not kid-friendly.

One the one hand, the older games were more violent than the new ones( personal opinion there). What made them work was the fact that the images were so cartoonish that most parents did no object(too much) to the crudeness.

Yes, there are some “questionable” images, but the images are blocked and do not have blood so parents can kind of breathe there. Parents who still freak out about what they see can turn on the “peace mode”. That way your kids do not have to see anything questionable.

One Bad Thing

Now is the time for the bitters in your sweet cake(so to speak). The bitter “sweet” part is that your kid might run into some unsavory people. The game involves going online. Not everyone is nice online. Knowing that, ahead of time, could help you make some important decisions concerning your kid’s involvement.  It’s still one of the top games of 2020.

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