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Pin Out is my mobile game of choice

If you are looking for a fun mobile game that is available as an Android game and an iOS Game, I highly recommend the game called Pin Out.

Pin Out is a mobile pin ball game that you can get on your phone and mobile device. The game is one of my favorites because it is not only a pin ball game, everyone loves to play a little bit of pin ball every once in awhile, but it is pin ball with a twist. This pin ball game is not only pin ball, but it is an endless pin ball with mini games inside of it.

Everyone knows pin ball, right? Whether you grew up playing it because back then it was one of the only games available to play when you went to an arcade, comic shop, or even just on your console at home, or if you have just started to learn about pin ball because you grew up in a time where pin ball wasn’t was popular as it used to be. Pin Out is great for anyone.

This mobile game has layers.

Meaning you start on a pink level, collect coins, and make your way all the way up to the green stage, once you pass green you get to yellow, and so on. After reaching about 10 stages, you will get a checkpoint and that will save your space.

The reason why it saves your space? You have 60 seconds to get to the next checkpoint before your game is over. I know that sort of takes away from the “endless” part of it, but let me explain.

The game starts you off with 60 seconds, a solid minute to get to where you need to be before you run out of time and have to start over. However, the game is still endless despite the time limit. The coins I mentioned earlier? They collect time for you. Every coin equals a second of time, as you go deeper into the game, you will collect more coins that will push you even farther into the game due to the added time.

Now let’s talk about those mini games I mentioned.

Even with the added time that you can collect throughout the stages, it is still difficult to beat the block and get to the checkpoint in time. There are small holes that you can shoot the ball into throughout different stages, not all of them, that will open up a mini game. The game consists of you controlling a car and all you have to do is choose to go left, right, or stay straight to avoid oncoming traffic. The longer you play the game, the more time gets added into your time bank.

There are also little holes that give you power ups if doesn’t offer a mini game. The power ups could include slowing time or stopping it completely.

The game is extremely fun, features a lot of fun colors, and is a mobile game with minimal ads.

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