Choices Book of Romance | Mobile Gaming


Gaming is among the best hobbies and careers that keep your mind active, interactive, and creative. Due to the rapid development of gaming interests, app developers have upped their game, consequently providing different android games and iOS games for different audiences. The industry is now flocked with diverse types of games; the interactive sim games, aggressive mission games, and variant classical matches.


If you are an introvert, then sim android games will be best for you. These kinds of games offer open-ended conclusions, providing a gamer with a chance to create their visual realities. Good examples of such games include war games, business plays, and role-plays. I prefer the role-play simulations, specifically “Choices”.


Choices: Stories you play are the best in that, the stories rotate around college romantic dramas, supernaturals, or fantasy stories. The deal with this game is customizing your looks, identity, and making choices that will determine the path you take and end up in, the stories take a periodical turn of events, just as in real life.


My favorite game in Choices is the Book of Romance. The game rotates around a normal girl working in a café who encounters a prince and his crew hanging out just before his set-up wedding. The prince and the girl hang out and build a rep o. The girl then follows the prince to his land in an attempt to win him; the prince who has doubts about marrying anyone else is happy to have the waitress joining the competition of who will be the next queen.


The chapters in this book use “keys” to open them. The keys are limited to 2 after 24 hours of playing, if by any chance you need to play before then, you have to purchase the keys.


One reason the developer delays the keys is to buy time and allow room for the game expansion. The dilemma each chapter leaves you in, keeps you anticipating for the next chapter. Besides, very few people will keep spending their money to get the keys while waiting will give them free ones.


The most fascinating part about this game is that you decide every decision and action, but fate is somehow already designed unless you are a spendthrift gamer. Some decisions and major unlocks require a considerable amount of money; with no money to spare, you find yourself forced to take some predetermined choices.


The game offers you some rewards for wonderful choices, the incentives, however, are nothing compared to the in-app purchases you make. This is yet another strategy applied by the developer, yes the game is free but the money you spend in it is another different story.


Choices are wonderful simulation games, they will keep you engaged and the thought of creating your reality is intriguing. Secondly, you choose who to love and befriend and you also have the liberty to change the path; from loving a prince to marry a commoner, the choices, however, have consequences just as real-life. Finally, as a gamer, be willing to spend if you are to stick to the path that you decide to follow.