A gamer is a gamer whether you put it them in any platform. Consoles are on of the original platforms when it comes to gaming, PS4 and Xbox has been with us ever since we were a kid, I am pretty sure that everyone of you that is reading this right now has held a PS1 controller playing crash bandicoot. However, there’s a new platform that is up on the rise for the past years and that is Mobile gaming. For quite some time now we are witnessing an uprise in the Mobile gaming scene and one of the games that we know and loved has entered the Mobile gaming aspect – PUBG. PUBG can be found in any other basic gaming platforms like PC, PS4 and Xbox. However, we didn’t expect a PUBG mobile game. Like, how can you play a third-person-shooter/first-person-shooter game with just a cellphone screen, right?


On March 23, 2017 we realized that we were wrong. PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games has launched PUBG: Mobile. I was a bit skeptical at first with the aiming mechanics of the game. Where you just drag the screen to aim, and it is quite hard at first especially when navigation, looting and tracking comes to play. To some gamers, playing their favorite battle royale game on a phone has became challenge to the point that some of the players included PUBG mobile to their streams and literally got good of the game.


Now, lets talk about PUBG on consoles. Third/first-person-shooter games on consoles are a common types of games. There are a lot of shooter games that grew its fame in the console scene. Aiming in a console is not that hard, for there is an analogue stick that you can use to smoothly aim your cross-hair to the enemy. However, PUBG on consoles didn’t gain a lot compared to its mommy PUBG on PC due to the fact that there were a lot of bugs and hackers in the game.


Now with all of the history behind us, lets compare to the two – PUBG on consoles or PUBG: Mobile?

Playing in a console is much nicer compared to be playing on a mobile phone. Sure, a mobile phones will follow you wherever you are and it can become a reliable source of entertainment to give yourself the ticket out of boredom. However, if you’re a gamer that is really in to graphics, frame rates, and smooth gameplay then stay away from PUBG: Mobile. Cause in the graphics department, console is the winner here.


One of the annoying things in PUBG is that you land in a roof with a full squad in front of you. Then you try your best to just get a gun that can shoot and then you’ll end up with a silencer and a grenade at your inventory, and just being dead. In PUBG: Mobile they have an option where you can automatically pick up the better weapon the ground. In that way you don’t have to look at your inventory, or look down on the floor like some noob, like me, just to see what gun is better.


PUBG: Mobile has a very interesting way to get the players hooked up in to the game. You will sometimes feel like a total monster in killing 20 people then winning the game. Trust me, the 20 you have killed? Some of those are bots. Yes, bots. Its sole purpose is to help players get better at the game. Bots will pose no threat to you, but if you got killed by one, then you are a threat to yourself. In a console game, don’t expect bots, they are real people that will try to hunt you down.


In conclusion to all of this, Tencent made a way for gamers to enjoy the game without the hassle of having the smallest screen there is in the gaming world. They made sure that it is user friendly and easy to learn. You can literally get the grasp of the game if you played 3 games. Its that easy. However, a console is still stronger compared to any mobile device out there. So what are you waiting for, get that Chicken dinner!