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ios game super cat bros tales


We have phones, tablets, computers, etc.

So many different varieties especially for game play. There is a huge wide variety of games, or as we call them “apps” on phones and tablets. There are so many different types of applications and different paying methods. Some applications you’ll have to pay for but there are many that are free.

IPad Free Games

Even though there a million of free games on an IPad, there are a few that are on the top list. Here are two free ipad games that are the most popular.

1. Super Cat Tales.

This game is kind of like the old school Nintendo Mario game but again, it’s not. In this platforming game you are a cat trying to get through levels. Through these levels you are trying to complete you have to avoid obstacles with enemies on them. Also, while you are going through these levels you collect bells, which are extra lives.

2. Dashy Crashy

This game is a car driving simulator. You are driving on a road trying not to crash into other players or computers. These isn’t really much to say about this game application mainly because it is a pretty forward game. You try to earn a lot of points to beat your last score and other players scores.

Those are the top two free ipad games.

Popular Game

There are multiple games of “Tower Defense” and the most popular one is “Fieldrunners” This is game is where you have enemies that are trying to attack you and you have to build walls to defend yourself. Pretty basic game controls for an application game on a phone. Tower defense games are really popular especially with the younger kids now a days. Even though there are multiple games of Tower Defense, they do basically play the same way but do have differences between each and every one of them as well. This game is popular across IPads, IPhones, and they even have the game on Steam (Which is a computer application for your desktop or laptop computer.)

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