The Legend : Dreamcast | Console Gaming


Back in the olden days, there were so many consoles that I have enjoyed most games on, like the ps4, Xbox, Nintendo switch, and Sega Dreamcast. I have so many reasons Sega Dreamcast is the best console game amongst all, even though other console players might prefer ps4 or Xbox. The Dreamcast happened to be Sega’s last console in the gaming market; in the year 1998, the Dreamcast was released in Japan, and later 1999, it got released in other countries like the US. I always admired the design of the Dreamcast, and it was very portable to travel or carry away with. I could repair the console by myself after playing it for about 3-4 hours, and it will crash later. Bending a pin between the power supply and the logic board was an easy repair.


This console was released at the right time with the perfect display for most console gamers, and the 480p resolution was an impressive display for clear and bright pictures. The gaming adapter that came with the gaming console could be used for other consoles, that was great indeed! I even noticed that some console has a few games on it, but that didn’t happen to the Dreamcast, you can’t compare the broad games on it to other consoles like the Nintendo switch, it came with outstanding arcade sports games such as Grandia II, Chu Chu rocker and the rest. I cannot leave Half-life when talking about the best games on the Dreamcast, it won game of the year for 55 times over and was later made available for humble Dreamcast. I was unfortunate when I realized it had been canceled in June 2001, and it made me bored because it was everything to me when I am alone in the house. Soul Calibur and Crazy taxi got me loved every single unit of the console, and there was a time my console got spoiled and couldn’t be repaired, as soon as these crazy games comes into my mind then struggle to have the console back again by disturbing my parents.


Grandia II was one of the best Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPG). It had an excellent background music during playtime when it made you play it so often, the storyline of the games cannot be left out, and it had great action in there which I loved most. There was a crazy feature that came with the Dreamcast called the VMU, and this was the best idea if you wanted to transfer files from one VMU to the other, you could plug the two VMU’s together by connecting the ends of the two. You could even play games on the combined screens, I used to play virtual tennis on it, and no word could be used to describe the how great the feeling was. The Sega Dreamcast had a customizable controller that you assemble to suit your interest and later disassemble it for other options.


The Dreamcast had the first motion-sensitive controller, amongst other consoles. This gave it a massive advantage over the others. These are the reasons I loved the Sega Dreamcast over the past years, the powerful combinations of designs and addictive games on it, and I would always recommend the Sega Dreamcast for every child who wants to feel the power of gaming on a console. Parents should purchase no other console but the Sega Dreamcast for their children. There has been a new version of the various games with excellent graphics and background music, which your child will love it. The latest design makes it more attractive than the previous versions.