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The goal of tiny tower is to build your own tower as high as you possibly can. You only have enough gold coins during the first level to build your first floor. So straight out of the lobby for the game we’re only going to have enough gold to do just that. However, this allows you to start your economy and then eventually you’ll gather enough resources to build more floors on your tower.

There are two basic types of floors in tiny tower. The first is residential, and the second is money producing. So you have to balance between residential floors and money producing floors in your tower as a whole.

Residential floors can hold up to five little people called bitizens. Those are your inhabitants for your tiny tower. Each one that is in your tower has to pay rent and also works on the floors that produce money in your tower.

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There are five basic types of money making floors that sell different products. You have food, service, recreation, retail, and creativity.

Each one of these floors has its own particular type of demand. The demand is calculated from the number of each type of floor that you build, so the more you build one type of floor the more the demand will go down. This eventually means that you’ll have almost the same amount of floor for each type of service.

When you build a non-residential floor, and populate it with people to work on it, you’ll be able to sell the products that they create. So if you make a floor that sells Mexican food you’ll be able to sell chips and salsa, tacos, or shrimp platters. Somebody may be more affective in different categories, they each have a rating of 0 to 9 for each category and type of product that they can sell better than other ones. The higher the number for the bitizen is in, the cheaper it is for them to restore your stock of that product and sell more. Each bitizen also has a dream job that you can find for them, and the product that they create in dream jobs are double what they produce otherwise.

This game also has in game currency called “bucks”. These bucks help you speed up all kinds of processes, like constructing new floors and restocking products to sell. They can even let you save remaining supplies on floors that you want to get rid of. You can either get bucks by restocking a floor and getting a cash bonus that is added to your total, or you can buy bucks (of course for real money in the in-game store). Of course they wouldn’t forget about that potential source of revenue.

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So basically your role in tiny tower is to make sure that you build the right types of floors, you have the right types of workers in the right types of jobs, and that the products are stocked. You can also control an elevator that takes the bitizens to their floors to earn gold rewards. The game is the type of application that runs even while you’re not in it, so time passes in the game whether not you have it load it up or not. You can turn on push messages to get notifications as to what’s going on in the game even if you don’t have it loaded. Everything in the game is customizable, so that’s pretty cool. Can even customize facial hair and accessories and clothes.

There’s a lot of options involved as well. You can browse all of your bitizens at one time to look at their moods and switch around their jobs. There are other options as well in the UI like getting a faster elevator exchanging bucks for gold coins. You could even visit friends’ tiny towers.

There are lots of different strategies you can use to organize your tower to make it more efficient and more pleasant to look at. Once floors start to add up and you have a lot of floors in your tiny tower it becomes really hard to focus on specific bitizen. It’s a lot easier if you keep all the towers of a certain type together. So keep all of your apartment floors of your tiny tower on the bottom of your tower. That’s one good strategy although you don’t have to use that one.
It’s also good to colorcode your bitizens to match what floor are there actually living on at the time. So basically if they’re on the floor with a blue color do you want to give them the blue outfit so you know where they’re located. Ends up saving a lot of time and making the game a lot less repetitive and stagnant.

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