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Great mobile games to play in the car

Keep the Kids Entertained In the Car With These Fun Mobile Games

Taking the kids for a drive in the car? You better bring along some fun free iPhone games to keep them occupied. There is nothing worse than sitting in a car with a bunch of kids bored out of their mind. You will hear “are we there yet” until you reach your destination.

Some great Tower Defense strategy games that will keep the kids out of your hair, at least until you get there.

1)Revenge of the Titans

Do you remember when you were a kid? You walked into a store and saw that shiny new toy. It taunted you to the point where you had to have it. Sometimes it is a pain to have to wait until the end of the journey to get the upgrade. We see the shiny object and want it now, similar to “instant gratification.”

Revenge of the Titans is different in that regard. It will not make the player wait until the end to get the new toy. Players can take what the like or need at any point during the game.

Thank God is it only a game, or we would be on the verge of raising some serious addicts. It is one of those strategy games that comes filled with secret weapons and specialized towers. The key is for players to have an open-ended strategy for this game. You never know what to expect.

2)Sanctum 2

This is one of those free iPhone games(at least to the best of my knowledge), that combines two different genres into one. The different genres are matched together, taking the best of both worlds.

You have the adrenaline rush of FPS with mental agility. You have a chocolate and vanilla relationship rolled into one. That is a rare thing to pull off, but Sanctum 2 does it.

3)Anomaly 2

“We have a containment anomaly. We have a containment anomaly.”

Jurassic World, 2015

This game is not Jurassic Park, but the term still applies. Players chase down minions, once again. The game takes the Tower Offense series and adds a nice twist. This one takes the multi-player mode and builds on it. Players who like the first game in the series will like this one too.

4)The Orcs Must Die 2

Do you remember the games with the zombies and the Nazis? This game is similar to that, where you have a bunch of orcs that need to die. It is similar to live-action Lord of the Rings Trilogy where you are Gandolf and you need to slaughter the bad guys.

This game uses the standard formula that most games have. Some players have argued that it is not the most ground-breaking games, especially when you take into account the “Lord of the Rings” factor, but it does the job.


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