Top Tower Defense Games for Android

Top Tower Defense Games for Android

Tower Defense (TD) games are categorized by strategy video games. They are made to defend a player(s) territories and/or possessions; from enemy attackers. Players can defend these territories by placing defensive structures along the path of the attackers. These games can be played either on a tablet or phone.

The top Tower Defense games include:

Plants VS Zombies 1 and 2. These games are free to play, considering in-app purchases. This mobile game is compatible with an Android of 4.1 or higher and can be used on either a tablet or phone. The object of the game is to defeat Zombies with plants such as energy-giving sunflowers, Pea cannons, and carnivorous plants. The zombies come in forms of football players, newspaper-reading zombies, as well as “waves” of zombies. The battles are taken in a 5X9 backyard setting.

Kingdom Rush games are highly rated in the Tower Defense community. There are considered to have classic defense mechanics that help with the seriousness for epic gamers. There is a total of four Kingdom Rush games that include: Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Origins, and Kingdom Rush Vengeance. These serious of mobile games all have the same object of preventing enemies from reaching the other side of the map. Towers, Archers, Post and Barracks can be built on the path of the enemies. You are able to generate soldiers that are used for attacks. Spells can be cast as well as income spent to produce new structures.

Knightfall AR.Free.

This mobile game is more unique than the other TD classic games listed. The game is played through your phone camera of a flat surface. A group of “Templars” is to protect a “Holy Grail” from enemies. Although this game has decent mechanics it is considered short played, due to length.

Bloons TD game 6.

This game has a purchase of $4.99 with in-app purchases. Bloons is considered the most popular and successful of the TD games. The game itself includes; 20 maps, upgrades,19 towers, upgraded paths, offline support, and new modes. Towers that are upgraded, also come with upgraded trees. Creeps travel along with the path, where the player has fixed positions and certain targets to destroy. The game also has planes and helicopters that can patrol certain areas of the map. Described as fun, chaos.

Defenders 2.

Free with in-app purchases. The player is able to unlock various towers by collecting cards throughout the game. The cards that are collected can be used for spells and towers. The games itself includes 29 bosses, 40 towers, 20 spells, and 47 achievements to unlock. The setting is placed in a 3D fantasy world, where the player is faced to battle various monsters. Monsters that can be battled are in the forms of goblins, zombies, and aliens.

Defense Zone 3.

Free with in-app purchases. This is constructed by 4 difficulty modes, 8 different kinds of Turrets, special battles, and support for 20 different languages. Turrets vary on attack range, firing speed, and damage type. In the game armies of enemies rust to the players’ defenses to destroy them by any means. Luckily, the designed maps and wide range turrets provide endless tactics to help defend the players’ army.

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