Mobile game “Threes!” is my favorite mobile game. The game uses the great idea of matching numbers with characters for fun, which has existed in China for thousand years, and it can be traced back to the well known popular Chinese game Mahjong, which matches the decorated tiles with each other as well as the card game Snap, which matches cards in your hand to yell out “snap”. I enjoy the game for its casual nature as well as its simplicity. The game is both Android game and IOS game.


In the game, the play mechanic is quite simple. The players are presented with the grid of 4×4, which will gradually be loaded with red, blue as well as white tiles indicating 1, 2 and 3. When swiping vertically or horizontally, the tile of 1 could slide into the the tile of 2 to become the tile of 3, and the tile of 3 could slide into the tile of 3 to become tile of 6, which could keep going with the aim to achieve the highest multiples of three you could possibly get until the board is filled up, and as such you can’t move anymore. Once the board is all filled by the tiles, the game is over, and the scores are added up for the final scores for the winner. The game is not simply just to match. Some tactics could certainly be used in the game for excitement and accomplishment


In general, after every swiping, the next bar will be changed, showing a blue, red or white tile, which indicates that the next tile in the board will be a tile of 1, 2 or 3. Once for a while, the game will try to trick you by showing the next to be a tile of 3 or 6, however the trick does not really cause trouble. The next bar allows the player to decide where is the best place of the upcoming tile, and thus, if you need a tile of 3 in the left side of grid, you could just swipe right to get it done.


A helpful mechanic in the game is the ability to “nudge” the tiles off the walls. The game encourages to well manage the grid, such as not filling the board with too many tiles of the tiles of 1 and 2 to make sure the tiles being in the right place for getting a score of 4 digits on the leaderboard against the others, and the ability to “nudge” could help. However, it is not easy to master this skill.


The game also has the collection of 12 collectible tiles with a handful of achievements. However, it does not offer the players enough to strive for it.


The game also has clean interface, which looks very lovely in dark coloured night variation and has some nice aforementioned tiles like “ooh”, “ah” and toothy smile.

With all these aspects, the game goes beyond a humble game of mathematics and becomes a delightful mobile game to be enjoyed in relaxing. If you are looking for a well made mobile game to kill some of your time and don’t like to be addictive to it, then “Threes!” is a highly recommended one.