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space run galaxy td 2

It’s hard to tell if this turret defense game is harder easier than the one before it.

There are total for solar systems in each game, and the first one took about four hours to beat. I think this game is loaded easier than space run. It’s only easier, however, because grinding actually makes it easier. If you have problems with any particular level you can just grind until you have the guns that you need to make the run that you need to make.

So far, even though I haven’t been it yet, this game feels a lot longer than the original game. It’s not just the grinding, it’s the game itself. There’s a lot more to this one. You have to be every single run in the game you can still keep playing to keep growing your cargo business.

And this TD game has multiplayer too!

You can trade with other people, real people, and you can take jobs and give jobs to them as well. This game could really benefit from some kind of competitive mode so you can play the same run against each other and may the best player win. They haven’t come out this yet, but I’m hoping that they do.

All in all this game is a lot more immersive than the original game. I really like the fact they can keep the same ship. The original space run was an amazing game don’t get me wrong. This game is just a lot more immersive and there’s a lot more time together. It does a much better job of giving you that feeling that you really are a space trucker and you really are building the ships to try and get car go from place to place. If you like tower defense games or if you like any kind of strategy game or anything remotely resembling the signal of this game.

This is a really good example of what game developers should try and do the sequel, if they decide to do tower defense again.

They should try and find those missing elements in their original game that really could have made the gameplay a lot more fun, and try not to change too much that they got right in the original. That’s a really hard line to walk. The one big one that they missed was that pause button. If we only had more time to decide how to place the towers on the ship, the game could be a lot more fun. Overall, this is one of the best new games out, even though they did forget that one crucial element. They’ll get it right in the next one!

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