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The final version of Siege Commander TD is finally out.

Each player has a main tower that the other player works to destroy. Basically you have to fire projectiles using the main game mechanic. This allows you to build more towers, and is the main mechanic for destroying the other person’s towers. You can even build units to attack multiple towers at the same time. In the meantime, you can create your own towers that have defensive capabilities that help repel some of the enemies’ attacks.

This launching mechanic is the thing that you’ll be spending the most time mastering. This core game mechanic is essential to winning, so if you don’t like this kind of thing you might not like this game. It’s used almost everywhere in the game. There are different options for controls- they can switch back and forth if you don’t like the way one responds and you want to try different one. It’s good to find the one that you want to use because this is essentially the game. Aiming takes some practice, but before you know it you’ll be able to aim and shoot rapidly and with greater precision.

The thing that makes this different than other tower defense games is that you don’t just click a spot on the map to build a tower.

You have to launch towers using the mechanic we discussed earlier to get it to some place we want it to go. It sounds crazy, the idea of launching towers across the map, but it does work really well and it actually makes the game a lot of fun. Towers don’t have to be positioned completely perfectly. You do need to think about how to lay them out, but having them in the exact precise correct spot is not always necessary and it makes the launching mechanism that much more fun.

When you launch a new tower, it’s connected to whatever tower launched it.

That’s why it’s so important to protect the tower that launches it, because if one is destroyed all of its children towers will be destroyed as well. These towers are linked together, and it’s important not to leave any openings in that link, in that chain, for your opponent to screw everything up.

Most of the damage you do is not done by the towers or by the units, it’s done by that launching mechanic. If you create a line of towers that are all connected to each other, and then get close enough to the enemy’s base you can launch projectiles manually. The game basically turns into a tug-of-war a certain point. Each person will be trying to get further and further back in the line of towers to be able to destroy all the children towers. Speed becomes really important, because the other person must constantly whittling away at your offenses and towers.

It’s always interesting when people put real-time strategy elements of the tower defense games. I really wish there was more of that kind of element of this game.

Continue Tower Defense Article in Part 2.

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