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Mobile Games Specializing in Defense

In today’s age, entertainment for children and teenagers are found through mobile games. Even popular games like Fortnite can be played through mobile devices. Typically that inspires and pulls in many beings to become developers and create their own games like candy saga, a total classic. Sadly, not all games are created equal and so, some are popular and others aren’t, disappearing into the land of terrible reviews. Without a proper recommendation, it’ll never shine and thus, make their developers enough money to keep themselves happy and especially, keep their players happy. It’s a cycle that destroys many apps yearly. Thus, this is a review of mobile games that work greatly. We’ll brush up on the vast array of mobile games, since every player has different tastes. Then, we’ll detail the different ones.

Players from 5 to 70

Jumping right in, the categories range from mobile games that are focused on shooting, MMORPGS, sports, and even educational games. Puzzle games are definitely big when it comes to consumers. Over 36.6 million and counting! The age of players ranges from five years old to as far as seventy. Puzzle games stimulate brain activity, enhancing a users ability to problem solve. As time goes on, many personal benefits are reaped through puzzle games. The thing is, many mobile game users prefer adventure games usually, though that’s a very specific niche that doesn’t exceed puzzle games. Adventure games cater to a particular set audience. Such games focus on stories that young users have never heard of, while older users have and thus, don’t indulge in such games as easily. This year alone, some amazing adventure games to look into are dragon ball legends, which recently came out alongside PUBG mobile, Pokemon Go’s latest gen, Linn: Path Of Orchards and a plethora of others.

Sports games focus on in-game teamwork and allows for users to exercise their strategic know-how. Clash of clans, Iron marine and others are solid examples of this, especially tower defense.

Tower defense

You can’t miss a better tower game that’s an engaging defense game. There’s never been a better tower game. The graphics are very appealing and the game play mechanics aren’t all that difficult.

Tower games were the very first mobile games that were played frequently and many were creating different kinds. They’ve been around for well over twenty years, keep in mind that the internet was created over thirty years ago. Some amazing defense games to try are Defense Zone 3, Grow Castle, Iron Marines and many others. More are being made each month. The three mentioned, have demonstrated consistency in their updates to maintain a fresh feel in their respective games.

Give Bloons TD 6 a try, it’s design is very appealing for kids in the sense that it’s colorful and the characters are pleasing. It’s very addicting with well over 20 maps and counting along with 3 upgrade paths, various game modes, 19 towers and more. There are vast paces of level speeds too. Overall the most immersive games to kill time, are all focused on tower defense games where people can enjoy something simplistic yet containing enough variety.

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