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Indie games are truly a wonderful thing to have in our games in the app store. Coming from companies or even small groups of people that spent their time as consumers, they decided to make their own games to suit a need. And that need is for games that aren’t necessarily high budget or require expensive hardware. These are games that come from an intimate place, games with care, love and time put into them as fiercely as any other title. For a time, we lived when big name games had the most simple patterns and puzzles with steep price tags but have we truly grown beyond the need of these nostalgia invoking times? Indie game developers think not. Sometimes, they’re as easy as being free iPhone games. And really, do we want to turn our nose to free iPhone games? There’s still a level of love, still a level of development being put towards these indie games. They simply want to go with you and be available no matter the situation you’re in, and become a place that you can find solace in when you’re stuck in a line at the grocery store or in a waiting room for a doctor. These are games that don’t necessarily need a cost to allow people to play it–that’s a power only indie game developers have the choice to wield.

The choices the players have are only growing every day.

From tower defense games to mobile racing games, these offer graphics anywhere from what we remember in childhood to being as pretty as modern games on consoles might look. People with passions in music still create music for these games because gaming as a whole wants to immerse it’s consumers in fun. Role playing games allow us to take the role of someone we’ve always wanted to be. Tower defense games give us something to protect and constantly improve. The ability to invoke these kinds of experiences from the comfort of your phone or tablet are accessible to anyone of all ages. As the industry grows, so does the demographic of gamers and indie developers know that they have to keep up with the latest in technology to include everyone.

So the next time you see that free iPhone game, give it a download and see if this is the hidden treasure you’ve waited for. Because behind it was a team of people, designers, and maybe a composer that doesn’t have the resources of some big name company but had the dedication and idea that took them to create that app. Indie games are here to show the modern gamer that there is fun to be have without an insane price tag and insane piece of hardware for it.

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